AAE stemmed from Jānis Aufmanis and Lia Carreira’s earlier discussions on Curating and Architecture, reaching back to 2019. The exchanges later paved the way for a discussion on the relationship between experimental practices in museum-related spaces, especially in exhibitions, and Artificial Intelligence slowly became a focal point. 

An independent research project led by Lia Carreira and Jānis Aufmanis

The AI, Architecture and Exhibition (AAE) research project focuses on critically analysing the current usage and possible further applications of Artificial Intelligence in Arts, in particular within exhibition-making. 

The research and analyses developed for AAE are based on an interdisciplinary approach between exhibition- and other space-related practices (such as architecture) in which matters of space, creativity, data production, collecting, and archiving are exposed and brought into discussion. 

Here critical thought is given to how AI can be used to develop exhibitions. The research addresses particularly practices that focus on the space itself and critically engage with available tools and processes for exhibition architecture and design. These practices touch upon key matters of the field, including creativity and automation, data awareness and accessibility, and work/labour issues. 


Photoshop generative fill tests from workathon. 

Images from MoMa archives


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