Jānis is an architect working in conventional architecture field, as well as looking for possibilities in territories where architecture overlaps with art, politics and philosophy. He is currently doing a Masters in Architecture in KU Leuven, Brussels. Jānis has worked in architecture and design offices in Riga and Rotterdam, and has been involved in exhibition curating and making in Riga, Latvia, as well as has co-founded and NGO which aims to revitalize Riga center area. In his initiatives and passions, Janis has tried to shake the slow and steady growth of the population of Riga, and his goals are to constantly inject little vaccines of discomfort, to keep people around conscious and thinking.


Janis finds inspiration and motivation in working in multidisciplinary environments and believes that encountering knowledge outside of our own professional fields is vital for new and more in depth understanding about our own professional fields - meaning it helps positioning the knowledge we already have to knowledge of others, giving a more critical assessment of who we are and what we do., and  where are we heading to.


Janis finds extremely important to establish interdisciplinary bonds and to seek for inspiration in territories that are way beyond our each individual understanding,



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