Private residence in Garupe village aims to be unpretentious from a distance, yet express contemporary minimalism and fulfill clients’ wishes to inhabit a modern house. Building consists of three parts that make up the T shape and organize the territory. 1. Simple slope roof wood clad volume hosts owners personal space, bedrooms and studio; 2. Minimal and boxy modern volume hosts public rooms, and 3. Technical volume that hosts technical and wet rooms like garage, technical room, sauna. Building is composed of concrete block foundation, aerated concrete walls and reinforced concrete slabs. Sloped roof is a mixed wood and metal structure. Garage is also a mixed metal and wood construction. To emphasize the dual nature of the house, the conventional volume is clad in dark brown wood that sits well in the surrounding pine forest, but the modern volumes and additional courtyard surfaces are clad in profiled metal sheets. I was designing the
building from initial sketches to building documentation, managing enigneers, builders and authors
supervision. As my first individual project this turned out to be challenging, yet a very educating
experience. Several events took place and caused numerous changes in the original project. Currently the building is built and inhabited. However, furniture is not yet manufactured and landscape design solutions are also yet to be built.


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