This project is an attempt to flirt with the consumerist nature of shopping malls and the car-centric areas with car-oriented infrastructure - parking space, while delivering functional, aesthetic and representational architecture for the client. The necessity of this building derives from building regulations that require the extension of the large shopping mall parking space to include a public toilet. Client brief also included technical rooms and electricity supply service room. The building generates income from advertisements on it’s additional decorative surfaces. The decorative figure in front of the entrance stands tall and is covered with neon texts. It’s appearance resonates with observations and irony in Venturi’s

“Learning from Las Vegas”. In this case, the minimum space required for functions is contained in a simple insulated steel and wood frame building. Ambition to invest in originality and representative gestures manifests as a metallic canopy and a high wall, that are separated from the building itself - as if they were important objects on their own.



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