The production line of pointlessness

It goes without saying that enthusiasm and faith are important for moving on with life and addressing tasks and problems of the present and the ones of the future. Yet, how much of our work, beliefs and struggles end up in the abyss of pointlessness?

You are welcome to enjoy the process of me still producing material for this semester’s studio, to see my pleasure and struggle and focus during the moment of production, while simultaneously having the luxury to view the doom of produced material, as it gets farther away in time and space from its origin. The longer the distance between the intention and the outcome, the more the produced material is neglected, forgotten, accumulating as residue.

The work also calls to question one’s assumptions and confidence about everything. It is important to observe oneself and identify how much effort and drive of the current moment results in valuable potential, and how much of it inevitably falls into the oceans of pointlessness. It is liberating to acknowledge the insignificant and necessary to appreciate the exceptional. Therefore, all work has the potential to be revisited, and inspirational and hope can be found in the most unexpected places. Only as long as the mind is open, and acceptance is present.


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