Publication in the bi-monthly magazine “Latvijas Architektūra” which addresses the need for change as a staple of sustainable contemporary urban condition (2021). Considering the pace of technological developments on the one hand, and exponential ecological and social multi-crisis on the other hand, the publication looks at the adaptivity and flexibility of a city and its people from an urban activist perspective. A winning proposal for the 2019 participatory budgeting competition in Riga by the Riga Center Development Agency highlights the struggle of progressive-minded individuals and organizations to achieve their goals due to the slow turning and conservative wheels of bureaucracy and clergy in Riga, therefore fits well to be the subject of analysis. The article looks through different stages of the project development, its way through corridors of different municipal units and departments, and speculates about reasons the project failed to ever be realized, emphasizing the urgency to be swift and decisive with sustainable and transformative urban initiatives.
The publication was awarded with “The Best Debute” price in 2022.


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